Top Five Qualities of the best Penn Reels you Should Use

­­­­If you are an extreme angler, Penn Reels will play an important role in your life. What stands between bagging a worthy catch and losing it during a battle of muscle, is the ownership of a high-end reel. Hence, your only way to stay at the top of the fishing game is to own the best reels available. But, how do judge their quality? To help you here are some of the qualities of the best Penn Reel you could use.


Your Penn Reel should be compatible with the line that you plan on using with it. Your reel should be as compact as delicate as the line is going to be. Another important to keep in mind is the gear ratio. The spinning reel’s spools of casting reels that have rotating spools are fixed and the bail surrounds the line into the spool as we rotate the handle. Hence, if a choice was given as to which spinning reel to use, it is recommended to choose the medium speed model. Some of the best Penn reels that you can look for in the market are as follows-

  1. The Penn Senator Conventional Saltwater Reel, which is designed around a lightweight graphite framework that guarantees its durability and comfort. This variety of the Penn reel is also armed with a machine-made and anodized-aluminium material along with stainless steel rings. Another feature of this conventional Penn reel is its multi-disc star drag, which also possesses a sleek HT-100 washer.
  2. The second conventional Penn Reel that is well-known in the market is the Avet HX5/2 Speed model. This model’s reels are devised to contradict the design of the traditional saltwater reel. One of its interesting features are the 6 stainless steel polished ball bearings, sporting superb smoothness and an improved casting range and free spool. No other reel can match its smooth drag and capacity to free spool at a complete drag option.
  3. The third type of conventional Penn Reel is the Daiwa Saltist LD Hyper Speed. This model showcases great retrieval speeds that reach up to a range of 7.3 to 1. Due to this factor, anglers are able to grab up to 54 inches of line with each crank.

Choosing the best Penn reel will ensure a lovely fishing session. Hence wait no more and make your choice, with whatever suits you best.


Best Tips for Fishing Expedition

Are you tired of sitting on the couch fiddling with game consoles or iPad? Are you planning a getaway to the sea or riverside or pond for fishing? Fishing Tackle 2U are one of the leading online companies in the U.K. and Ireland for all your needs of fishing gear/apparel. Shop online for Shimano Garcia reel, Abu reel, Trout Fly Lines and more.

Make sure you are kitted out to fish like a pro if you have made up your mind to explore the exciting world of fishing!! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set out to buy your gear.


Where you are likely to fish most frequently, and what kind of fish you hope to catch? Beware, that the fishing gear which suits a day of angling at a riverside, is very different from what you need if you venture out into the sea. It is all about matching the equipment to the type of water body you’re headed for. Look for a fishing rod that has the right action and the capacity to take the load. Will it take on the fight with a big catch? Choose wisely for fishing rods meant for freshwater fishing or sea water fishing.

Next, on the checklist is to match the reel to your rod. A powerful reel ably complements a powerful rod. A sea fishing rod needs a bigger spool to give you ample distance. Do check the drag of the reel. It is another important feature that you should focus on. Now, move on to fishing lines. Fishing lines can be either monofilament lines or braided lines. They are differentiated on the basis of material and thickness. Lastly, you need a perfect bait. Lures vary depending on your choice of fishing place- seawater or fresh water.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with the perfect fishing rod and the reel, you’ll want to pick up the perfect bait in order to catch the fish. Again, based on whether you’re going for sea fishing or for freshwater fishing, you’ll choose the lures. There are different types of lures that have the ability to attract different types of fish. Hard plug baits, metal lures, soft baits and sea spoons, all have different features and vibrations that attract different fish.

Fishing Tips for Anglers

The important difference that a good rod and reel make cannot be overstated. While a fish can even be caught with the good old spider silk, it is always better to be well equipped with the best gears while going outdoors for fishing.


Are you an enthusiast who is just starting? Then, try and get a few levels in fishing by just getting some small fry. For attaining that level 2/4/5 bonus, you will need long-lasting Line/Lure Allure I/Able Angler respectively. Super baleen lines are quite strong with great tensile strength and this would aid you in catching tougher game. If you really want to enjoy fishing for longer hours, it is in your best interest to buy two or three of each lure in case of line breakage. A thing to keep in mind while making the purchase is that it is better to get your stuff from reliable vendors/online stores. Fishing Tackle 2U stock better rods/reels/lures. We have one of the largest selections of Fishing Tackle in the UK and Ireland. We have a vast backup of products so that stock is always guaranteed.

As for bait stuff, every fish is lured by any bait that is geared towards other members of that family. So, even if you do not have the exact bait for the fish in the pond, most related fish types can be caught with bait. For example, all bass can be caught with any type of bass type lure. While sometime it may take longer to get the fish to bite, the attempt may be inconsistent.

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Fishing is a very relaxing and exciting activity. It is not just an interest or hobby but a challenging game as well. Browse online for best stuff and deals.

Reliable Fishing Gears from Fishing Tackle 2 U

What are you planning for summer vacations, or for the coming weekend? Why not plan an adventure trip to a pond lake or river near you for fishing? Sounds interesting? It is a fun activity that will relax and excite you at the same time. Moreover, it is a fun activity that can be enjoyed best with family and friends, instead of sitting on your game console or iPad always.

Look for latest gear and equipment that prepares you fully for the same. Do think about the geographical location of the site, type of fish you aim to fish for and proper equipment needed for the same.

You can choose the best equipment depending upon destination and the physical characteristics of the targeted fish. Thanks to advancement of technology and creativity of the manufacturers today, fishing enthusiasts can equip themselves with finest set of tools.


Of course, this is a tech savvy era and online shopping is hassle free and convenient. It also offers the buyers to virtually sample every product, read reviews for the same, compare and then place their order for the best device suited for their purpose. Whether it is Orvis fly rod or super soft spoon net, feeder rod, safe passage hip bag and many more, shop for your chosen accessories on the website Fishing Tackle 2U. We are main suppliers of Fishing Tackle Rods and Reels from Leading Brands.

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Get Ready for Fun and Fishing Excursion

Fishing is a sport like no other. If you are a youngster, tear yourself away from your smartphones and iPads and go for angling. Trust me, it is as much exhilarating as any other sports of its ilk. It can be a fun outdoor activity for youngsters specially during holidays. For spectators fishing is not a sport but for the person who is out in the water casting his line, this is an adrenalin charging sport to be enjoyed with buddies.


Getting the right tools is an important necessity to prepare oneself for unmatched fun. Obtain latest fishing gears to add to your fun quotient. Fly rods are designed to help you catch fish by building momentum in a fly line and controlling its direction and distance. Moreover, they are helpful in dealing with a fish that you want to catch. Therefore, when you are going to buy a fly rod, two things matter the most – the length of the rod and its stiffness.

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Obtain Reliable Gears to Enjoy Adventurous Activity of Fishing

What are you plans of outing on the coming weekend? Perhaps fishing on the bank of a pond or river is the perfect way to refresh mind and body. Certainly, you can enjoy the activity of fishing in a much better way but with appropriate set of fishing gear and accessories. Fishing aficionados are aware about the fine technicalities and thus accumulate necessary set of equipment to enjoy every minute of this activity. In this tech, savvy era when trend of online shopping is prevalent, it is not hard to arrange for specific set of equipment.

You can choose the best equipment depending upon destination and the physical characteristics of the targeted fish. Thanks to advancement of technology and creativity of the manufacturers that fishing enthusiasts can arm themselves with finest set of tools. Whether it is orvis fly rod or super soft spoon net, feeder rod, safe passage hip bag and many more. Perhaps opting for online shopping is the best remedy because it enables customers to have access to wide variety of option. Carrying a fishing tackle box stuffed with accessories is extremely helpful. Fishing is a very adventurous activity but with right set of tools, you can take this game of adventurism to next level.


The weight of fish, its physical characteristics, geographical characteristics of water body, precise requirement of the enthusiast is taken into mind. Many online suppliers deal in quality products such as Mustad hooks that is specially designed to catch aquatic creatures.  Get prepare to enjoy your time on the bank of a pond or river along with friends. Surely, you will cherish the golden memories of fishing in saltwater. The facility of online shopping is a boon for tech savvy customers. Just place your order for modern accessories on virtual shopping portals to enjoy the activity of shopping.


Enjoy Comfortable Fishing with Mustad Hooks

If you are planning to adopt a new hobby for time pass, then go for fishing. This hobby will bring you closer to Mother Nature. Fishing not only means fun and relaxation; in fact, this activity is very challenging thus many individuals prefer to engage in this activity along with friends or family members. However, without appropriate fishing gears, you cannot enjoy this activity. There are multiple benefits of engaging into the activity of fishing. It is so relaxing and splendid opportunity to enjoy fresh air and wildlife in its natural habitat. Really, it is a challenge to catch fish of various species and sizes.

Carefully selected fishing gears and other necessary tools can bring you happy feelings of accomplishments. It is so excitin`g to share true stories of catching fish with your friends and family members. In this era of internet, enthusiasts and aficionados find it relatively easy to procure items such as greys fly rod. The trend of approaching physical stores is fading away slowly because more alternatives are available on virtual/online stores. This is mere a myth that online suppliers deliver products of inferior quality. In fact, reputed and noted suppliers stockpile and deal only in quality products. You can place order for fishing gears and other accessories from leading brands.


Customers are amazed to see the vast and interesting collection of fishing gear present on the website of suppliers. Basically, every fishing tool or accessory performs is used for specialized purpose. Whether you are questing after Mustad hooks or fly reels, it is extremely easy to pick out the favorite accessory that can suit your requirement and budget. The size of fish, its physical strength, geographical location, surrounding environment should be also analyzed prior purchasing fishing gears and other necessary tools. So, collect all vital tools and necessary accessories such as passage hip pack bag, spinning reel, landing net, etc. by placing order on website of suppliers.