The Top Three Abu Garcia Reels for Bait-casting

If you think that fishing is just a delightful, engaging activity or a hobby then you should know that it actually is an investment for anglers. Why? The reason being that when anglers are out looking for a fishing venture, most of them go ahead and choose Abu Garcia reels for bait-casting . These reels are famous worldwide and the reason for it is the quality and performance that it provides.

Every Abu Garcia reel for bait-casting is made to precision keeping in mind the main control gear and the maintenance of the gears so that it can offer anglers the smoothness and steadiness they are looking for.


Here are the top three Abu Garcia reels for bait-casting that you must consider:

  • Revo WNCH-L Left Hand: This model of the the Abu Garcia reel is faultless especially for crankbaits. It features a powerful-low-speed 5:4:1 gear that hauls the bait back with perfect speed. The Revo WNCH-L is accessible for both left-hand and right-hand versions. The line capacity for this model can encompass a fishing line of 175 yards and also a 12-pound mono filament. Other than that, its centrifugal brake system can be easily adjusted to suit your fishing conditions both is salt and fresh water.
  • Ambassadeur 7000i Syncro Baitcast
    This model of the Abu Garcia reels is modernly designed with a lever drag built next to the handle. This allows anglers to modify the settings for the drag, without the need of taking off your hand off the handle. In case you come across a difficult and stubborn fish, all you need to do is turn the handle ¼ times backward. This will automatically decrease the drag up to 75%, while also avoiding any line breakage.
  • CS Pro Rocket
    This Abu Garcia Reel model, the CS Pro Rocket is designed to create a long lasting cast, via its Carbon Matrix Drag system. This system is the most durable and strongest drag that is available in the market today. Additionally, its extended, silky smooth casts makes it an ideal reel to battle fish which are gigantic in size and hard to fight.

Abu Garcia reels are well-known for longstanding deliverance. Other than that, these reels are user friendly, improving the comfort and productiveness of any professional angler on a fishing trip. If thought carefully, these reels are the best choice for all kinds of anglers.


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