Enjoy Fishing Adventure in the United Kingdom

Summers in the British Isles is really beautiful. Poets and novelists have spent reams of paper describing its warmth, beauty and fragrance. Fishing in the warm waters has been a pleasure enjoyed by generations of British people in the past. However, the new generation is sometimes wary of venturing out. But if you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, fishing in a group or with family can be a great hobby.


The United Kingdom boasts of many places where you can go fishing, whether its freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing or coarse fishing. The island nation has some of the most famous sensational lakes in the world, from the classic chalk streams to rivers and fresh waters. This lovely picturesque drop is the perfect setting for the English fishing culture. In the UK, you can find almost as many professional anglers as you can enthusiasts. In fact, fishing will offer you a great many chances to grab yourself a whopper. Whether it is Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland, anglers are suffused with thousands of exciting angling opportunities. Hundreds of miles of coastline and the countryside dotted with pristine rivers and wild lakes offer galore of fishing opportunities.

There are many Fishing Tournaments that are regularly held in the UK including Angling Championship, British Pike Championships and Fish O Mania, where we see the elite fishermen compete to win big cash prizes.

Fishing is a leisure sport and requires sportsman spirit and camaraderie. Almost anyone in reasonable physical condition can enjoy this hobby. To begin with, attach yourself to an experienced person, join an angling club, or go with a reputed guide. It is highly recommended that one should not venture out into the water alone. A basic knowledge of fishing, tackle equipment, geography and map reading and of course first aid is essential before you go out.

Fishing Tackle 2 U is a U.K. based fishing tackle company with two stores in Northern Ireland. McKee’s Angling Centre Bangor and Belfast Angling Centre in Belfast. We are a reputed online store for Shimano Tiagra Reel, Abu Reel, Orvis fly rod and every other equipment of all major brands.


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