Best Tips for Fishing Expedition

Are you tired of sitting on the couch fiddling with game consoles or iPad? Are you planning a getaway to the sea or riverside or pond for fishing? Fishing Tackle 2U are one of the leading online companies in the U.K. and Ireland for all your needs of fishing gear/apparel. Shop online for Shimano Garcia reel, Abu reel, Trout Fly Lines and more.

Make sure you are kitted out to fish like a pro if you have made up your mind to explore the exciting world of fishing!! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set out to buy your gear.


Where you are likely to fish most frequently, and what kind of fish you hope to catch? Beware, that the fishing gear which suits a day of angling at a riverside, is very different from what you need if you venture out into the sea. It is all about matching the equipment to the type of water body you’re headed for. Look for a fishing rod that has the right action and the capacity to take the load. Will it take on the fight with a big catch? Choose wisely for fishing rods meant for freshwater fishing or sea water fishing.

Next, on the checklist is to match the reel to your rod. A powerful reel ably complements a powerful rod. A sea fishing rod needs a bigger spool to give you ample distance. Do check the drag of the reel. It is another important feature that you should focus on. Now, move on to fishing lines. Fishing lines can be either monofilament lines or braided lines. They are differentiated on the basis of material and thickness. Lastly, you need a perfect bait. Lures vary depending on your choice of fishing place- seawater or fresh water.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with the perfect fishing rod and the reel, you’ll want to pick up the perfect bait in order to catch the fish. Again, based on whether you’re going for sea fishing or for freshwater fishing, you’ll choose the lures. There are different types of lures that have the ability to attract different types of fish. Hard plug baits, metal lures, soft baits and sea spoons, all have different features and vibrations that attract different fish.


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