The Top Three Abu Garcia Reels for Bait-casting

If you think that fishing is just a delightful, engaging activity or a hobby then you should know that it actually is an investment for anglers. Why? The reason being that when anglers are out looking for a fishing venture, most of them go ahead and choose Abu Garcia reels for bait-casting . These reels are famous worldwide and the reason for it is the quality and performance that it provides.

Every Abu Garcia reel for bait-casting is made to precision keeping in mind the main control gear and the maintenance of the gears so that it can offer anglers the smoothness and steadiness they are looking for.


Here are the top three Abu Garcia reels for bait-casting that you must consider:

  • Revo WNCH-L Left Hand: This model of the the Abu Garcia reel is faultless especially for crankbaits. It features a powerful-low-speed 5:4:1 gear that hauls the bait back with perfect speed. The Revo WNCH-L is accessible for both left-hand and right-hand versions. The line capacity for this model can encompass a fishing line of 175 yards and also a 12-pound mono filament. Other than that, its centrifugal brake system can be easily adjusted to suit your fishing conditions both is salt and fresh water.
  • Ambassadeur 7000i Syncro Baitcast
    This model of the Abu Garcia reels is modernly designed with a lever drag built next to the handle. This allows anglers to modify the settings for the drag, without the need of taking off your hand off the handle. In case you come across a difficult and stubborn fish, all you need to do is turn the handle ¼ times backward. This will automatically decrease the drag up to 75%, while also avoiding any line breakage.
  • CS Pro Rocket
    This Abu Garcia Reel model, the CS Pro Rocket is designed to create a long lasting cast, via its Carbon Matrix Drag system. This system is the most durable and strongest drag that is available in the market today. Additionally, its extended, silky smooth casts makes it an ideal reel to battle fish which are gigantic in size and hard to fight.

Abu Garcia reels are well-known for longstanding deliverance. Other than that, these reels are user friendly, improving the comfort and productiveness of any professional angler on a fishing trip. If thought carefully, these reels are the best choice for all kinds of anglers.


The magnificence of Abu Garcia Reels

Abu Garcia reels have been known as one of the best reels in the fishing industry which could fit anyone’s budget easily. They are famous for their quality since their release during the late 1940s and have been yearned for by anglers coming from of all genders and ages. The Abu Garcia Reels are widely available in the market today, and considered to be one of the most impressive even till date.

With the Abu Garcia reel in hand you will receive a number of options for all kinds of fishing styles and conditions. These reels are easy to clean and oil. Initially, these reels were conceived to enable fishers to select a model that was right for them on the basis of factors like hand size, fishing preference, and price range. After all, when the reels work well, the fishing experience gets better too.

The intention behind coming up with the Abu Garcia reel was to improve the basics of reel design by making them smoother, more durable, and more reliable for the long run. With proper care and maintenance it is possible for these reels to even last a lifetime.

So, when you are buying your first Garcia reel, you can start narrowing down your fishing preferences and then examine the difference in each reel first. This will help you in the selection the right model based on your frequency of fishing and your style of operation.

Designers have always ensured to keep the design of the Abu Garcia reels straightforward for anglers who love it. Doing so allows the fisher to the service the reel by himself/herself, thus keeping it properly maintained. The design is so simple that fishers can even carry out some of the basic repairs themselves in case of wear and tear.

You can even easily replace bearings and gears without having to spend too much money by going to a professional. All that you need is a bit of knowledge and some basic, everyday tools to repair and put the reels back together.

Abu Garcia reels have the reputation that they have because of their longstanding ability to deliver. Having passed the test of time, these are user friendly reels that improve the comfort and productiveness of a fishing trip. Regarded well throughout the community, they are most definitely the reels of choice for all kinds of anglers.

Top Five Qualities of the best Penn Reels you Should Use

­­­­If you are an extreme angler, Penn Reels will play an important role in your life. What stands between bagging a worthy catch and losing it during a battle of muscle, is the ownership of a high-end reel. Hence, your only way to stay at the top of the fishing game is to own the best reels available. But, how do judge their quality? To help you here are some of the qualities of the best Penn Reel you could use.


Your Penn Reel should be compatible with the line that you plan on using with it. Your reel should be as compact as delicate as the line is going to be. Another important to keep in mind is the gear ratio. The spinning reel’s spools of casting reels that have rotating spools are fixed and the bail surrounds the line into the spool as we rotate the handle. Hence, if a choice was given as to which spinning reel to use, it is recommended to choose the medium speed model. Some of the best Penn reels that you can look for in the market are as follows-

  1. The Penn Senator Conventional Saltwater Reel, which is designed around a lightweight graphite framework that guarantees its durability and comfort. This variety of the Penn reel is also armed with a machine-made and anodized-aluminium material along with stainless steel rings. Another feature of this conventional Penn reel is its multi-disc star drag, which also possesses a sleek HT-100 washer.
  2. The second conventional Penn Reel that is well-known in the market is the Avet HX5/2 Speed model. This model’s reels are devised to contradict the design of the traditional saltwater reel. One of its interesting features are the 6 stainless steel polished ball bearings, sporting superb smoothness and an improved casting range and free spool. No other reel can match its smooth drag and capacity to free spool at a complete drag option.
  3. The third type of conventional Penn Reel is the Daiwa Saltist LD Hyper Speed. This model showcases great retrieval speeds that reach up to a range of 7.3 to 1. Due to this factor, anglers are able to grab up to 54 inches of line with each crank.

Choosing the best Penn reel will ensure a lovely fishing session. Hence wait no more and make your choice, with whatever suits you best.

Gearing in Style for Unlimited Fishing Adventures this Summer

Weather is looking mint and there’s still time to pack your kit and score some last minute fun. Well, Summers have truly arrived here and so too are time for family/group outdoor activities. Are you ready for this traditional fun activity of fishing?

Fishing is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors, make memories with friends and family. Moreover, this is an apt way of getting children involved in a healthy fun activity. A family fishing trip in the numerous brooks and lakes of the United Kingdom and Ireland provides the perfect setting for strengthening family ties and making cherished memories. You’ll never have a better time with your children than when you see their pride and joy with a fish on the line! This is a fun learning activity to teach them new skills that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to carry a camera, as you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime! Spending quality time with kids, discovering nature and experiencing the great outdoors will be really treasured moments for eternity.


An excellent outdoor activity on the water, it provides an opportunity to teach kids about their environment, and boating, fishing and safety skills. Boating and fishing, as well as swimming, provide unlimited learning/life skills that last a lifetime! This is also a great way to spend quality time together.

This is a great way of spending quality time with them. This is great bonding time with kids and family. Ekeing time out of a busy schedule (both theirs and yours in many cases) is a great way to show your children that you care. Along with sharing a lifelong skill, you will have the opportunity to share family stories, childhood experiences and personal knowledge as well. Truly, this will improve your relationship in and out of the boat because you have added to your list of shared experiences and shared knowledge.

Children learn a lot by observing and doing things themselves. Fishing sets up the perfect backdrop to teach your children about Nature. Kids and even amateurs can learn a lot about different types of fish found in that particular area, bait types, why fish breed in certain areas or even what type of birds and insects are found in the vicinity. Of course, this offers wonderful opportunity to explore and learn. Your children will naturally be inquisitive, opening the door for you to explain how everything must work together in order to exist the way it does. They will also learn to reason out and see how their decisions can impact the environment.

Yet, rest assured that fishing is not a mere sport or outdoor activity. It also teaches behavioural skills that in some situations you need to have patience and persistence to accomplish a goal. Children will automatically learn that results do not come immediately, but when they come they are worth the effort it took to achieve them. Yay, it is fun and fairly self -explanatory session.

The island of Ireland is located on the western extremity of the continental shelf.  It boasts of some of the most lightly fished rivers and lakes in Europe. The great limestone plain of Ireland covering the whole of the midlands is characterised by big river systems and thousands of lakes. Much of Ireland’s abundant coarse fish shoals live in these waters. Indeed there are over 8,000 miles of river, lake and canal bank for the coarse angler to explore and enjoy. Coarse fishing is a term used in the United Kingdom and Ireland for angling for coarse fish or fish with big scales.

Fishes like Roach and Perch can be fished all the year round with fish feeding. There is no close season, but months from April to October are considered more suitable. However, there is no close season for coarse fishing in Ireland. Species such as Tench, Bream and Rudd, which are most active in warmer weather, have a natural season extending from April to October.

Every angler should take into consideration, the influence of the Irish climate, as well as the habits of the fish. This will go a long way in targeting particular species. Most Irish rivers and loughs are subject to seasonal rhythms of high and low water. Winter floods and snow will automatically render some rivers out of consideration and affect access to the loughs. Spring and Autumn high winds can render boat fishing on the bigger loughs unsafe for short terms. However, the coarse fisherman in Ireland will always find sheltered waters available when others are affected by floods or gales.

Popular fish include Bass, Brill, COD, Coley, Grey Mullet, Gurnard, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, John Dory, Lemon Sole, Megrim Sole, Monkfish Tail, Plaice, Pollock. Trout, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardine, Swordfish.

This season gear yourselves with the right equipment, apparel and tackle sets. Mustad hooks, Shimano Tiagra Reel, Abu Reel, Penn Rod, Penn Reel, Vass Chest Waders will help you in preparing better for fishing excursions and adventures. Always purchase your stuff from leading reputed stores that have knowledge as well to share with amateurs and freshers adequately.

Fishing in Scotland

Fishing as a sport or an outdoor activity is much fun!! Picturesque surroundings in Scotland that include beautiful highland rivers to secluded island lochs, offer excellent salmon, trout and coarse fishing opportunities in some of the most spectacular regions of the country.  Fishing combines the charm of peaceful surroundings, and a chance for some contemplation and also a few thrills. Scotland is one of the world’s top destinations for freshwater and sea angling, with world-class fishing available across the country throughout the year. Enthusiasts will discover a huge variety of species when fishing in the hundreds of rivers and lochs around Scotland. Fish for “King of Fish” Atlantic salmon, or hard fighting monster, Pike or giant common skate.


The Scottish Highlands offers numerous fishing opportunities stretching from the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders to Loch Awe in Argyll. Finest Scottish landscapes will mesmerise your senses along with the gaming fun. There are many opportunities and companies offering fishing. Moreover, most of the watercourse is open for groups as well. Here are local friendly ghillies and guides who will happily share some pointers and advice on the prime fishing spots. Try fishing this summer in Scotland. Try it with a few friends or the family, and see who can hook the biggest catch?

If you are a fishing aficionado and would prefer sea fishing, then Scotland’s long and rugged coastline provides fabulous angling opportunities for both boat and shore anglers. There are numerous species offshore but the skate, cod and beagle shark fishing off the west coast are a favourite with visitors and locals alike.

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Enjoy Fishing Adventure in the United Kingdom

Summers in the British Isles is really beautiful. Poets and novelists have spent reams of paper describing its warmth, beauty and fragrance. Fishing in the warm waters has been a pleasure enjoyed by generations of British people in the past. However, the new generation is sometimes wary of venturing out. But if you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, fishing in a group or with family can be a great hobby.


The United Kingdom boasts of many places where you can go fishing, whether its freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing or coarse fishing. The island nation has some of the most famous sensational lakes in the world, from the classic chalk streams to rivers and fresh waters. This lovely picturesque drop is the perfect setting for the English fishing culture. In the UK, you can find almost as many professional anglers as you can enthusiasts. In fact, fishing will offer you a great many chances to grab yourself a whopper. Whether it is Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland, anglers are suffused with thousands of exciting angling opportunities. Hundreds of miles of coastline and the countryside dotted with pristine rivers and wild lakes offer galore of fishing opportunities.

There are many Fishing Tournaments that are regularly held in the UK including Angling Championship, British Pike Championships and Fish O Mania, where we see the elite fishermen compete to win big cash prizes.

Fishing is a leisure sport and requires sportsman spirit and camaraderie. Almost anyone in reasonable physical condition can enjoy this hobby. To begin with, attach yourself to an experienced person, join an angling club, or go with a reputed guide. It is highly recommended that one should not venture out into the water alone. A basic knowledge of fishing, tackle equipment, geography and map reading and of course first aid is essential before you go out.

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Enjoy Fishing

Since prehistoric times, Fishing has been one of the main occupations of people around the world. The thrill and excitement of fishing have always enamoured one and all. Recreational fishing took a great leap forward after the English Civil War, where a new found interest in the activity left its mark on the many books and treatises that were written on the subject at the time. Of course, the fishing gear, reel &rods have evolved since the ancient times.


The American, Charles F. Orvis, designed and distributed a novel reel and fly design in 1874, described by reel historian Jim Brown as the “benchmark of American reel design,” and the first fully modern fly reel. Fishing tackle is a generic term that refers to the equipment used by fishermen when fishing. These include are hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes.

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